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Try out our weather topic in this example of our modules.

The characters in detail



Syd started learning sign language when his little brother James was born deaf. He enjoys teaching other children his signing skills so they too can learn this fun form ...



Sofia is Syd's friend and has learnt to sign too! You can meet her in the greetings and emotions topics, where you will discover her lovely signing skills and ...

Grandma May

Grandma May

Grandma May is a lovely old lady who is deaf, her favourite hobby is gardening and you can meet her in the weather topic where you can help her look ...

Blake the cat


Blake is Syd's pet cat. He's always causing trouble somehow, whether it's making a mess or opening all the cages at the pet shop so all the animals run ...


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Have a look at our new features tour video, it shows you how primary sign works and what you can expect.

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Modular learning

Primary Sign uses a modular learning approach, where each module covers a chosen subject. Each module contains its own unique set of learning exercises as well as printable resources and games. The interactive animated characters deliver the learning using sign and audio narrator encompassing colour, sound and text to support all the main learning styles. The learning experience is fun and interactive, promotes inclusion for all children and supports communication and learning across the curriculum from deaf children and children with English as a second language to children on the autistic spectrum.

One of the gang

Flexible learning

Primary Sign can be used in a number of different ways to suit the learner/tutor. Be it group, 1 to 1 or individual learning, Primary can be used for all of these as well as homework and support for other subjects such as maths and English, and across all the learning curriculum.

Group of learners

Fun, interactive - the first of it's kind!


This fun interactive flexible package gives schools our experience and knowledge of teaching sign language in a way that is easy and fun to deliver. The animated characters captivate the children, making the learning experience innovative and enjoyable. The initial package included 10 topics, 10 animated lessons, 27 games and over 200 handouts linked to each of the topics and has since grown and will continue to do so until we run out of topics and ideas!

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