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A flexible package

Primary Sign is a unique learning resource available to schools and provides the opportunity for all children, teachers and parents to gain an insight into British Sign Language (BSL) and acquire signing skills. The flexible package has been created so each module enables teachers to differentiate, ensuring it can be delivered at a pace to suit all abilities. The interactive animated characters deliver the learning using sign and audio narrator encompassing colour, sound, text to support all the main learning styles. The programme is easy to use and requires no prior signing knowledge.

Teacher with four pupils
Teacher with four pupils

A wealth of topics

Primary Sign provides a range of different topics which are supported with teaching tools, games and handouts. The friendly, helpful characters make the whole experience fun, interactive and easy to use. It also incorporates a range of National Curriculum relevant areas such as, literacy and numeracy. It also helps to improve IT skills. Primary Sign is aimed at children at key stages 1 and 2 (5-11 year olds). Primary Sign launched with 10 learning modules - each module centres around 1 subject, for example Weather, and incorporates learning exercises, games and more. We've developed new modules since then and aim to develop even more for new subjects all the time. 

Easy to use and adaptable

Primary Sign not only offers both an innovative and exciting way to teach BSL but it can prove a more cost effective method of teaching BSL compared with the traditional tutor-class arrangement. The learning resource provides all the knowledge and lesson preparation required to provide sign language courses in schools. Primary Sign's yearly subscription provides teachers and students/parents access to the learning resource all year round - from any location with web access. Schools may also decide to use this resource to provide afterschool sign sessions at their school as an income generation project.

Teacher with pupil learning sign for pig
Teacher with four pupils

Research & Development

The aim of the School of Sign Language project is to help increase understanding and awareness between the Hearing and Deaf communities and increase awareness of the role of sign language in UK schools. From this the Primary Sign Language development brief was shaped, we wanted to: Develop an interactive software package that can be easily accessed by 5 - 11 year old school children. Make it safe and secure, provide easy access both in and out of school. Make it interesting and ensure it accurately reflects the nuances of British Sign Language and its constituent parts; Gestures - Lip Patterns - Facial Expressions, ensure that it sits alongside other subjects and contributes to the Every Child Matters Agenda and the National Curriculum. Design it so that it can provide a useful taster for people that may go on and undertake accredited BSL training. Make it flexible and easy to use so that schools can use it in a variety of settings and, if they wish, generate income. Continued development of new topics, modules and content to ensure it is always unique, enjoyable and educational. Primary Sign, is enjoyed both by Deaf and hearing pupils, it encourages inclusive attitudes and improves communications and confidence.


St. Paul’s R.C. Primary School

I am writing in support of your innovative package offered by School of Sign Language. The online learning package that you have provided for schools is having a huge impact on the pupils at our school. Not only is it engaging them with their learning of a language, but in addition it is having an impact on their learning ...

St. Paul's Hoddlesden CE Primary School

  Here are what some of the year 5 students from St. Paul's Hoddlesden have to say about Primary Sign.   "The programme was easy to use because it spoke and signed. There weren't any difficult parts at all. "   "I loved playing and finding out all the signs."   "I enjoyed using Primary Sign because it ...

St Barnabas’ Church of England Primary School

Over the last two years I have worked in partnership with The School of Sign Language. Initially to request support for a child in reception class who as a result of meningitis had become profoundly deaf, R along with her class peers were introduced to sign language. This led to us through the school of sign language to host ...

Penny (mummy)

Penny and her lovely daughter Mackenzie trialed Primary Sign and had this to say.  I want to say a huge thank you to primary sign. My daughter Mackenzie is 4 she has hearing aids and is part deaf due to a syndrome called Turner syndrome. The signs have helped us so much. I have noticed since using these signs, she is ...

Jemma (mummy)

Jemma a mother of a deaf child has just trialed our free package and she says We have just had a play on the free demo and he loved it. He enjoyed playing the garden game and learning the signs for weather. I think its great that the software is available to schools, I fully believe and am in support of ...

My soon be 3  year old son is really enjoying Syd and co.  We sit down every evening to do a module – he always asks for “the boy”  It’s very sweet but fabulous learning tool and such great fun.  He is not hard of hearing but speaks 3 different languages (Spanish, Danish and English)  but struggling with ...


Features tour

Have a look at our new features tour video, it shows you how primary sign works and what you can expect.

Income Generator

Primary sign is flexible and adaptable for your needs

Once you have purchased a yearly subscription, you can use your accounts system to make your own groups. The software can be used as part of the curriculum as an interactive teaching aid as well as by the schools students/parents in the home setting.

As an example you could use your new software to provide your own after school club activity which promotes the extended schools agenda and can also support the government's policy on family learning within your school. Primary Sign is easy to use and is an ideal package to support out of school classes. The package may only be used in the school that holds the subscription, however, and can be opened up to their students, parents and community members.

There are no limitations to the number of courses your school may operate during your annual subscription. Schools can decide and charge their own fees to students attending the classes and all income generated belongs to the school providing the accounts you require are covered by your subscription fees.

For example:

  • 1 x 10 week class
  • 25 students at £2 per/ week = £500.00

Therefore you would only need to provide one afterschool club to reclaim the fee for your annual subscription! Amazing!

Our Policies

Special Needs

The flexible package has been created so each module enables teachers to differentiate, ensuring it can be delivered at a pace to suit all abilities without the need for ...


With 85% of deaf children in the UK attending mainstream educated schools Primary Sign Language enables all schools to provide and deliver their own sign language classes, through a ...

Privacy and Safety

We are dedicated to safeguarding any personal information collected by our systems or online and to help tutors, parents and children to use the internet safely. We store all collected ...




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