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Watch the video below to have a sneaky peak of Primary Sign's features:


Other advantages

  • First of a kind
  • Fun education for all!
  • Secure on-line environment
  • No prior knowledge of sign language required
  • Additional teaching resources
  • A familiar environment

How it works

Modular Learning

With our modular learning approach you can learn what you want when you want. It's super easy to use and after just a few steps and a couple of clicks of your mouse you'll be ready to enjoy Primary Sign as much as you like;

  • Choose which module(s) you want and get in touch to subscribe
  • Receive your unique usernames and passwords and log in
  • Click on the topic you want to learn from and you're ready to go!

You'll gain access to your own personalised portal where you will have immediate access to any of the topics in your package where you'll be able to use the fun and easy modules right away, as much or as little as you'd like.

Easy to Use

Primary Sign could not be easier to use. The system has been designed so that each user only manages what needs to be managed on their level - tutor portals are kept separate from student portals. Once you're logged in everything you need in is one place and the modules themselves are simple and user friendly. 

Everything is labelled clearly and appropriately so you should have some idea of where a button's going to take you before you get there. To make things easier each module on tutor users have a handy teacher's guide that give a more in depth look at where things are and what to do with them. 





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