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Features tour

Have a look at our new features tour video, it shows you how primary sign works and what you can expect.

How it works

Modular Learning


With our modular learning approach you can learn what you want when you want. It's super easy to use and after just a few steps and a couple of ...


Minimum Package Subscription

A yearly subscription package contains:

  • 1 x Client portal
  • 10 x Tutor portals
  • 30 x Students portals per tutor
  • Minimum of 10 modules
  • Unlimited Groups


Looking to subscribe?

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A Quick Tour

One of the gang

Modular learning

Primary Sign uses a modular learning approach, where each module covers a chosen subject. Each module contains its own unique set of learning exercises as well as printable resources ...

Group of learners

Flexible learning

Primary Sign can be used in a number of different ways to suit the learner/tutor. Be it group, 1 to 1 or individual learning, Primary can be used for ...

The gang outside

Fun, interactive - the first of it's kind!

  This fun interactive flexible package gives schools our experience and knowledge of teaching sign language in a way that is easy and fun to deliver. The animated characters ...

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Features tour

Have a look at our new features tour video, it shows you how primary sign works and what you can expect.


Interactive lessons, handouts, games and more...

This fun interactive flexible package gives schools our experience and knowledge of teaching sign language in a way that is easy and fun to deliver. The animated characters captivate the children making the learning experience innovative and enjoyable. The package will initially include 10 topics, 10 animated lessons, with 27 games and over 100 handouts linked to each of the topics.

Boost learning ability

Traditional teaching methods are centred on children learning using the left side of their brain. As sign language uses the right side of the brain, which is the creative, artistic side of the brain, while through reading a book or text this uses the left side of the brain, the logical mathematical side of the brain. Combining sign language into children’s learning can increase the child’s ability to learn by 90%!

Other advantages

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First of a kind

This is the first system of its kind in the UK that teaches primary school students British Sign Language.

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Fun education for all!

Primary Sign is developed for Primary school students but can be used by all! Children, teachers and parents alike will enjoy the Primary Sign experience.

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Secure on-line environment

The system holds no personal associatable information for tutors or students. Logins are generated on the fly, so no need to create thousands of user names or passwords. The passwords are encrypted with 160bit value encryption and the system checks that user names are unique when created, so no accidental overwriting of existing users can occur.

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No prior knowledge of sign language required

This system is so easy to use, anyone can learn at their own pace. Teachers can be confident that the system can teach sign language as they go, so no prior sign language skills are required.

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Additional teaching resources

Each module contains handy teacher guides and printable handouts, certificates and paper based games for classroom activities.

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A familiar environment

School's logos can be used to personalise the system to make a safe and familiar environment as the system retains the school's identity. Pupils and tutors alike are never exposed to product marketing or sales tactics used by some online educational systems.

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Different Levels

Includes different levels for student and tutor access.

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Increases a child's confidence and communication skills

Learning sign language at an early age has been shown to help with communication skills and social skills and helps to improve confidence in day to day situations

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Encourages children to adopt inclusive attitudes

Learning Sign Language at an early age encourages children to adopt inclusive attitudes for the future.

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ALL children can learn together

Both Deaf and hearing students can learn together alongside the teacher in a relaxed fun environment without segregation.

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Fun, interactive bilingual education

It couldn't be easier, it couldn't be more fun - and everyone can learn another language easily.

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Supports family learning at home and language development

Students can access accounts from home, as well as school and Sign Language has been shown to actively help with language development.

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Provides access to BSL for ALL

By introducing BSL at this early level we hope to achieve our goal of inclusive attitudes further down the line, throughout the school years and further education and employment. BSL can even open doors to new opportunities in the future.

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Group work, 1:1 support, individual learning

Our package actively encourages group work with classroom teaching modes as well as individual learning. The school can decide for themselves how they deliver the package. Our team are ready to help with any support you may need, as well as a handy FAQ page.

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Flexible ownership

Our package can provide schools with a possible tool to generate income as they can choose how it works in their own environment, such as afterschool clubs and courses.




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