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About us

About us

Back in 2006, Debbie Reynolds set up in business to help increase understanding and awareness between the hearing and deaf communities. Her vision was to raise awareness of the Deaf Community by making British Sign Language (BSL) courses available for everyone within Lancashire. Due to past experience with the struggle faced by deaf people in day-to-day life she had a personal drive to achieve this objective. With this dedication and determination to make this mission a reality.

The business has since been recognised for its efforts and received countless awards over the years. At an early stage School of Sign Language recognised that, because of the acute shortage of sign language teachers, it was not possible to meet its original objective of introducing British Sign Language (BSL) to the whole of the education sector. The original approach of simply applying a 'traditional tutor-class method' was painstakingly slow and its reach was limited by resources.

School of Sign Language realised a new radical approach was needed and the answer lay in the power of the world wide web. Building upon its extensive BSL knowledge and expertise, Primary Sign was born. As 85% of deaf children are now attending mainstream educated schools. It has become ever more important to encourage and adopt inclusive attitudes by not only providing training to students but also for staff, support workers and parents. Through education and the encouragement of inclusive attitudes deafness will cease to be a barrier. This has been our goal from the beginning and Primary Sign has been developed as the first of many tools to achieve this vision.


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Our Team Members


Debra K

Debra established the School of Sign Language back in 2006, following her own personal experiences of being hard of hearing she was motivated to break down the barriers between ...



Emma has over 10 years of working both in the Deaf community and education sector. With a degree in education and BSL level 3 she has a wealth of ...



Using her degree in fine art, Kelly is the creative driving force behind the characters of Primary Sign. Kelly is responsible for all the illustrations and animations of the ...

Our Company

The Team behind Primary Sign

School of Sign Language comprises of our in-house multi-disciplinary team of trainers, educationalists, BSL interpreters, designers, animators and IT experts.

With this expertise, we have developed our vision to create interactive software packages that can be used to learn sign language. The learning resources are easy to use and require no prior British Sign Language (BSL) knowledge. Our aim is encourage all schools in the UK to learn BSL in a fun, interactive affordable way.

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Primary Sign

School of Sign Language has developed 'Primary Sign' as our launch product in this quest. Primary Sign is an interactive software package that will allow schools to deliver their own sign language classes at a time and duration to suit them. Primary Sign is so simple to use it can be delivered with no prior knowledge of British Sign Language. Primary Sign can be used in the classroom, afterschool clubs and also at home, using group learning or on an individual basis as required. Primary Sign uses a simple modular learning approach which encompasses games and interactivity to help re-enforce learning in a fun environment.

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